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Phone Number: 0844 335 1416.  Click here for information on call charges

Who's Who?

There are too many people that come together to make "The St. Kilda challenge" happen to mention everyone here.  For now though, here are some of the people you can expect to come into contact with!


Gus Macauley

Gus is the driving force behind the event and has primary focus on the shore side activities.


John Readman

John "Johnnie" Readman is the race officer for both the Sprint and passage races


Jennifer Rolland

The Clyde Cruising Club secretary, Jennifer will be the primary contact point for the water based events.



the hub of our Gathering, onshore events and start point for the Flotilla and Sprint race.


Rathlin Island

The start for our Passage race to St. Kilda


St. Kilda

quite simply everyone's objective!