The St. Kilda birds

The archipelago of St. Kilda holds some of the highest concentrations of "winged" birds in the United Kingdom, in the region of one million breeding seabirds.  Imagine the noise, never mind the poop!  This includes the world's largest northern Ganent colony which is estimated at over 60,000 pairs.

Seabird studies have often been an important part of the islands activities and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee have conducted population census showing just how unique an environment it is for seabirds.  Read more from them by clicking here then get ready to dodge the diving Gannets!  

The birdlife also provided the islanders with much needed resources to allow them to life in, what was major isolation.  The "Bird-People" as they were at times referred to were a hunter-gatherer people harvesting the many different kinds of birds of St. Kilda for food, medicine, fuel and warmth.  Why not fish?  Well apparently they didn't taste as good, well and they were a lot more dangerous to catch!  Read more here.


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