Tech Tuesday - The Event Bible

The font of knowledge about any race is known as the "Notice of Race" or NoR.  This contains important information about the start, finish and route of each fleet along with minimum equipment, manning and safety requirements.

For the St. Kilda Challenge 2018 the two race fleets must meet minimum levels of equipment and manning which are referenced in the NoR.  Failure to meet these may result in your participation being delayed, restricted or prohibited.

The race organising authority for the sprint and passage races is the Clyde Cruising Club and the NoR can be found by clicking here.  **Note the St. Kilda Challenge are not responsible for the content of external web sites.

The flotilla fleet, as they aren't racing, don't have to comply with the race conditions, however it is recommended to read the NoR so you know what is happening.  We also recommend following the same requirements for manning, equipment and the like which will make your voyage all the safer.  It will also help make sure you don't end up on the wrong side of the start line as the race starts!

The race fleet also require trackers which are optional for the flotilla bit with their inherent safety and emergency alerting capabilities we would recommend even if you are joining in the flotilla to order one as well.  

Want to know more about the event then visit the homepage by clicking here.