ENtry List 2018

Want to confirm your entry has been received?  Interested to know who else has entered?  The current entrant list is below.  Note this is correct as of 4 May 2018 and will be updated again on or around the 10 June 2018.

Finn                                    flotilla

Trade Winds                       flotilla

Kelpie                                 flotilla

Indecision                           flotilla

Pamina                                flotilla

Orage                                  flotilla

Warrior                               passage

Big Jessie                             passage

Dream Machine                  passage

Golden Fox                         passage

Thalia                                 passage

Clockwork                          passage

SHENAVALL                     passage

Contender                          passage

Superstition                        passage

HECATE                           passage

Pippa VI                             passage

Argento                               passage

Taeping                               passage

ROXANNE                        sprint

Ptarmigan                           sprint

Highland Spirit                   sprint

Solus                                   sprint

Ataraxia                               sprint